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Woodchuck S garden stove with 4 sides in glass

Campfire behind glass in closed garden stove

The Woodchuck S is designed as a "campfire behind glass" with a 360° view on the flames. The wind has no influence and clothing and hair remain fresh. The cozy and hot fire is visible through the glass from four sides. Thanks to the ceramic, heat-resistant glass, you only have the nice effects of the fire: cosiness and heat, without the smoke. The few smoke that remains is removed at a height of 3 meters by the stovepipe. The wood fire radiates heat at seating height.

Outdoor woodburner with clean glass

The Woodchuck's woodburner is designed with a clean glass in mind. The air flows are sent internally so that the soot deposit on the glass is minimal. This way the glass remains clear. The light and heat are optimally radiated. And you have less cleaning. It goes without saying that use pure and dry wood for this!

Clean combustion, fewer emissions

The Woodchuck S is a garden stove with a closed combustion with high efficiency. As a result, it is economical in wood consumption and emissions is much cleaner than open fires such as fire pits and fire bowls. When used correctly, the smoke from the chimney is transparent and without the sharp scent of poorly burnt wood!

Sustainable design of terrace stove

The Woodchuck S is a sleekly designed terrace stove in 3 mm weathering steel (also known as Cortensteel). Weathering steel lasts up to 8x longer than normal steel and gives the heater a robust and timeless appearance. The hinges of the door door are hidden. The door handle and air control are finished minimalistally.

The weathering steel rusts superficial to a beautiful orange-red color and will then retain its thickness and strength for a long time. Under the influence of sun, rain and usage you get a unique color scheme that changes over time.

Woodchuck garden stove with wood fire and glass all-around

Modular build-up side panels

The Woodchuck S is available in 4 variants: 1-sided, 2-sided, 3-sided or 4-sided glass. The door is always with a glass. The 3 other panels can be selected with glass or "blind" as desired. Due to the modular design you can exchange the panels yourself. For example, you make a corner stove or a see-through stove. In addition, you can tilt the panels out to simply clean the glass.

Fixed or mobile wood burning stove

The Woodchuck S stands on 4 adjustable feet. This way you can put it straight on every surface.

If you are planning to move the heater often, take the mobile option with 4 swivel wheels (2 with brake). The wheels are hidden under a raised foot cover.

The Woodchuck W is a solid terrace stove, designed to stand the test of time. Despite its size, it has a low center of gravity and he is firmly on the ground, also with severe wind.

Including refractory stones, ashtray, 1 meter flue pipe and 1m flue pipe with raincap.

The Woodchuck S terrace stove with a fixed foot or with a mobile foot

Specifications for the garden heater

Material: Corten steel, refractory stone, ceramic glass

Weight: 120-130 kg depending on the configuration

Dimensions Heater Lxwxh:

With fixed foot: 52x52x104 cm

  • Height with chimney: 297 cm
  • Height glass above the ground: 54 to 95 cm

with mobile foot: 52x52x110 cm,

  • Height with chimney: 303 cm
  • Height glass above the ground: 60 to 101 cm

Vuurvaste bodem

Vuurvaste tegels zorgt voor het warm houden van het vuur. Ze sluiten mooi aan met de kachelbehuizing en vormen een kommetje waarin de gloeiende kolen liggen. Tussen de vuurvaste tegels zitten luchtspleten voor de primaire beluchting van het houtvuur. De regelbare primaire beluchting zorgt voor zuurstof onder het vuur en een vlotte start van het vuur. Als het vuur op temperatuur is kan de primaire beluchting gesloten worden.

Woodchuck S - Operation of garden stove in weathering steel


On the front of the outdoor stove are 2 handles. One regulates the primairy air to the fire. The other opens the door.

Both handles do not get hot, so gloves are not needed.


The WOODCHUCK S outdoor stove is completely made of weathering steel. The finishing of the sheet metal is done with the utmost quality for a straight and sharp result

The hinges of the door are hidden so you only see straight lines.

Woodchuck garden stove with 1 side panel open and 1 side panel closed

Sidepanel of stove with glass or blind

The door of the Woodchuck S outdoor stove is always with ceramic glass. The 3 other sides can be chosen freely with ceramic glass or blind (a closed steel panel).

The glas panels give a 30x40 cm view on the fire. The 4 mm ceramic glas protects the surroundings from sparks and can resist temperatures up to 750 °C. 

The blind panel consists of 2 plates in weathering steel with a heat insulation  in between.

Logo Woodchuck terraskachels

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Woodchuck smoke-free and smokeless terrace stoves, garden heaters and wood burning stoves.

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