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Logo Woodchuck terraskachels

Woodchuck garden stoves - who are we

We are Rob and Belinda.

We like to be outdoors around a campfire with family and friends. However the smoke of an open fire with poor combustion bothered us. We do not like the stinking clothes and irritated eyes. In the 21st century there should be alternatives !

Hence we designed a closed woodburner with chimney and glass on 4 sides: The Woodchuck S garden stove was born !

We live in Nieuwrode in Belgium, close to Leuven. Ironstone is our soil. It makes the ground rusty brown. And this is also the color of our products !

Rob is a mechanical Engineer always looking for optimization and perfection. Belinda is a interior designer with a sharp eye for detail and finishing.

Every design is first carefully tested and iterated before it meets our high standards. Production is in our own factory so we have full control.

Logo Woodchuck terraskachels

Langaard 11
3221 Nieuwrode
T. +32 16 53 53 08
E. info@woodchuck.be

Woodchuck smoke-free and smokeless terrace stoves, garden heaters and wood burning stoves.

Campfire without the smoke !