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Why choose a garden stove or closed outdoor woodburner?

Why choose a garden stove or closed outdoor woodburner?

Modern man wants to enjoy and unwind, preferably together with others. Nowadays, because of Covid-19 we meet friends and family in the outdoors. But the unpredictable weather often has less than ideal temperatures. If the evening falls, the temperature can drop dramatically. Patio heaters offer a solution and are available based on many types of fuel: gas, coal, wood, ethanol, electricity.

Woodchuck in Stijlvol Wonen Christmas edition 2020!

The Christmas edition 2020 of Stylish Wonen devotes a report to indoor and outdoor fireplaces. The Woodchuck S garden stove, the Woodchuck B sitting boxes and the Woodchuck v Vuurkorf get a prominent place in this!

Woodchuck S fotoshoot 2019

A while ago our Woodchuck S outdoor stove with glass all around and chimney in Cortenstaal was the subject of a photo shoot.
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